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By this axe I rule!
In which being agency staff still sucks... 
1st-Nov-2012 07:14 pm
Charcoal, Chalk
Work has been going fairly well recently, but this week I've had periods of not having much to do (mostly because the projects I've been working on are multi-disciplinary jobs and we're waiting on other teams to get their stuff finished before things can move on, especially the signalling people).

Now, because of this lull in work, I was meant to be helping out with a different project.  However, it seems the surveying team have 'let us down' (I think they surveyed the wrong platform at York station) and so that job isn't going ahead as it relied upon getting the survey info.

The result of all this was that this afternoon I was called into a meeting, and presented with the 'option' of only working a 3 day week next week, with my hours being reviewed on a weekly basis until more stuff to do appears.  This totally sucks.  Ok, it means I'll have more time to write AoI downtime responses, but I don't get paid for that...
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