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Oh how we've grown... 
4th-Mar-2013 12:01 am
Charcoal, Chalk
So at Age of Iron today, including 3 of the refs and one dedicated crew, there were 30 people.  This was considered a low turnout.

Were there ever that many people on site at a Shadovald event?

York larp has become a pretty big thing over the last decade.  I'm not sure if we'll have quite the same numbers for the second year of Age of Iron, as there are a few who might break free of the clutches of York, but we'll still have quite a lot of people.  It's been awesome so far, and I'm sure it's only going to get better!
12th-Mar-2013 09:53 am (UTC)
Its amazing how far York Uni larp has grown - I only hope it keeps doing so.

With all the enthusiasm of the current crop, I can't see you not expanding with the crop of freshers in september ^_^
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