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Charcoal, Chalk
Today I have been searching through Network Rail's bridgebooks trying to identify some structures.  There are some oddly/amusingly named bridges out there.  Take for example Sleeping Dog bridge, which I'm guessing was built by someone who ardently believed you should let sleeping dogs lie.  The dog was probably quite bemused upon awakening.  Or The Footbridge, on a line where there are multiple footbridges - it must be special.  Does lightning flash behind it every time someone mentions its name?  Then there's Warping Drain culvert, as that suggests to me that Network Rail have an entrance to the Mushroom Kingdom somewhere.

A few others that caught my eye today:

Aerial Flight bridge (removed) - perhaps it took off? 
Radiator Footbridge - keeps your feet warm as you cross.
Porridge Pot bridge - presumably crosses a large pot full of porridge
Hell Beck - a nice picnic spot
Merry Lockwood Gill - is this a place name?  I have no idea.  Same goes for Hellaughton Dumble

However I think my favourite has to be Labour In Vain culvert - they must've had fun building that one.

And now, some music from The Robot Lords of Tokyo, Powerwolf and Valient Thorr
20th-Jan-2012 01:28 pm - Catch of the Day
Charcoal, Chalk
Stuff has been happening;

1. I'm no longer working in a place that was slowly driving me crazy, and was able to claim redundancy rather than just resigning.
2. I've been offered a new job before my Jobseekers Benefit claim could be processed.  It's only a temporary contract but I've also had an interview for a permanent job that'd be starting in April, so here's hoping that goes well.

And because I couldn't resist, here's some more stuff I've found trawling Youtube

Do you get your kicks from torturing and screams?  Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats certainly do.

Arkham Witch worship the Lord of R'lyeh.  As should you all, or you'll get a visit from the Viking Pirates of Doom!

Some laid back rock courtesy of The Heavy Eyes

The Texas Hippie Coalition don't look or sound much like hippies, but the frontman does seem to support the claim that everything's bigger in Texas

Black Metal videos can be incredibly silly (that music suits it far better).  See also: Arckanum (you only need to watch about a minute of it)

Continuing the theme of silly (but dropping the Black Metal), the band with the jokey name that doesn't quite work:  Stoner Kebab.

Hailing from Russia, this band is a bizarre mix up of Blues rock and Cookie Monster vocals.  Take a ride on the Stoner Train.  I do like their cover of Monster Magnet's Space Lord.

Red Fang make amusing videos.  Watch Wires and Prehistoric Dog

I can't find a version of the stuff by The Devil's Blood that I want to link to, but they're worth checking out.  So I'm going to leave you with something completely different.

3rd-Dec-2011 07:36 pm - Ouch
Charcoal, Chalk
Y'know what's annoying?  Having both your washing machine AND your tumble dryer break on the same day (they're two separate appliances, not one washer-dryer hybrid thing).
29th-Nov-2011 08:07 pm - The path less travelled
Charcoal, Chalk
Let's start with something more than a little eclectic.  Chrome Hoof's Spokes of Uridium.  While I'm at it, there's also Pronoid, and probably a load of other stuff that I'm not going to link to but you should listen to.

Some traditional Doom follows...  Come gather at Serpent Venom's Carnal Altar.

I couldn't find Mind Slayer by Doomdogs on Youtube, so you'll have to make do with the cheesy lyrics of Eye for an Eye.

Egypt's Valley of the Kings is one of my favourite songs at the moment.  Very chilled out.

I'm about a month late with this one.  Pagan Altar's Samhain.

I think I'll end this post with King Diamond's Welcome Home - this is an actual music video, and it's weird-80's-horror-tastic!

16th-Oct-2011 11:31 pm - Another trip through my CD collection
Charcoal, Chalk
KISS tried to kill me.  Well, actually they didn't, but that's the title of this song by The Black Spiders.

Epic Doom from Solstice.  Feel the force of their Hammer of Damnation.

Heroes:  Do you consider yourselves Mighty & Superior?  Isen Torr certainly do.

Since there seems to be an epic theme developing here, let's have some classic Candlemass.  A Sorcerer's Pledge, from their wonderfully titled album Epicus Doomicus Metallicus.

One for the ShatLeg players; Demons All Around Me by Hour of 13.  Also, as Andy mentioned, Saviour's new theme tune is Motorhead's Killed by Death.

If anyone who played Earthbound is curious, here's where the name Zacaran came from.  I have no idea what May Result are singing about, as their lyrics are in Serbian.  I got a promo copy of one of their albums a few years ago when I ordered some stuff from a record label in Austria.

I don't think I've posted this before, not in keeping with the epic theme, more like a folky acid trip for your ears.  Diana by Comus.

That was kinda spooky.  So from there I'll move to the Electro-Zombie Feed on You, by Evil Nine.

Chances are you're a Stranger to the music of Fatal Smile.  Why not change that.

Can't remember if I've posted this before, but it's funny so I'll post it anyway.  Sir Jaldaboath's tale of the Axe Wielding Nuns.

Do you like Black Sabbath?  Then you'll like Orchid!  Do you feel the gaze of the Eyes Behind the Wall?

Maybe it's the gaze of the Seer.  Such an awesome riff, courtesy of Witch.

And I'm not going to try and rescue the epic theme that started a while back, so I shall end by invading your eardrums with Witchery's Witchkrieg

19th-Sep-2011 09:01 pm - Housecats
Charcoal, Chalk

And now for what I'm really here for.

I'm editing this in at the top because it's the reason I decided to make a music post and then I forgot to include it.  Duh.

Giant Stuffed Animals Vs Zombies to the tune of something not particularly interesting by Skeletonwitch

I'm not normally a big fan of thrash metal, but I like this by Exodus.  Possibly because it's so cheerful.  Note that the video has an epilepsy warning.

Completely different to the two above, the always excellent John Garcia's Hermano.  For some reason there's a load of silence at the end.

From there to here, in Truckfighters' Desert Cruiser.

I think I'll end this post with a song from the super-classy New York rockers, Slunt

Charcoal, Chalk
This week has been interesting so far.  I've been seconded to Amey (a large engineering/construction company) to work for Network Rail, doing an audit of archive records for structures that contain parts not examined.  This mainly involves going through the large paper archive and reading reports, there are occasionally some interesting old drawings or photos, and some old handwritten (!) documents.  There are also amusing spelling mistakes (concrete ballads) and line references (such as the OXO line, which must be where you get on the gravy train).

Today there was an important meeting back at my usual office, where we learned that due to our main northern office in Wakefield struggling (they lost a big highways contract and the highways department which occupied most of the building has let a lot of people go recently), and with the lease expiring on our York office and the building being earmarked for redevelopment into a hotel, it would save a great deal of money to not renew the lease, close the York office and move us all to Wakefield as there's a lot of empty space there.  This means that come the end of September I'll be working in Wakefield.  Not the most ideal state of affairs, but better than the alternative of not working anywhere.  So it goes...
Charcoal, Chalk
Hmmm...  I wonder if I'll get anyone with this...

Heck, while I'm at it, here's a bunch of random horror movie clips to the tune of Witchfynder Finder by Acid Witch

Laboratory of Nightmares by The Hooded Menace

I don't have a Pocket Scientist, but I do keep getting this stuck in my head

and for those of you who are as yet unenlightened, Turisas released a new album earlier this year and you should listen to it!

19th-May-2011 07:17 pm - Whoa...
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...  I should check LJ on a more regular basis.  The last couple of pages of posts explain a lot about some of the stuff I wasn't quite 'getting' last night.  For what it's worth, generally though I may not always agree with what you say, or things you do, I still think you're all cool people and I'm glad I've met you.
Charcoal, Chalk
... courtesy of B&Q and Predator Wood Saws
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