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By this axe I rule!
Have some heavy metal, it's good for you... 
23rd-Apr-2012 08:08 pm
Charcoal, Chalk
Enter the Metal World of Battle Beast.  I hear it's a place where only two things matter: Justice and Metal.  The surprising part is thay don't sound like Manowar.

Another band with their own spin on 'true' heavy metal is 3 Inches of Blood.  Here's a couple of tracks from their latest album:

Metal Woman
Leather Lord

Now I sometimes describe them as the heavy metal Bee Gees (due to the vocals).  They're not though, because these guys ARE the heavy metal Bee Gees!

Have I linked to anything by Grand Magus recently?  I don't think so.  Have some Savage Tales.  Make it known!  Let Mountains Be My Throne.

Y'know, Tragedy remind me of something.  Just who were those Ten Masked Men?

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